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      法国Fluigent、瑞士Zurich Instruments和北京燕京电子有限公司三家达成战略合作协议,共同研发并推广微流体阻抗测试平台EISP-Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy Platform)。EISP提供了一个完整的微流控阻抗检测平台。该平台由微流控制器、微流体芯片,芯片夹具和阻抗测试仪组成。此平台将在今年德国弗莱堡uTAS 2013国际会议上展出。


Zurich, Paris, Beijing, 10th of October 2013

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Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy Platform Showcased

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The EISP is the best-in-class whole in one solution for electrical microfluidic analysis

Fluigent, Zurich Instruments and Beijing Yanjing Electronics Corporation have entered an agreement for interoperability and promotion of microfluidic impedance measuring platform consisting of pump system, microfluidic chip and chipholder and impedance measurement instrument. The platform also called EISP (electrical impedance spectroscopy platform) will be showcased at the coming conference for miniaturized systems, in Freiburg, Germany (uTAS 2013, http://www.microtas2013.org) at the booth of Zurich Instruments.

The EISP was introduced by Fluigent, Micronit, and Zurich Instruments in 2012 as first-of-its-kind comprehensive platform for electrical impedance analysis for microfluidic applications, such as full blood analysis, single cell detection and characterization and food sample quality testing. Today, with a growing number of adopters worldwide, the EISP has confirmed its suitability for the market of bio-impedance analysis.

"This level of integration and interoperability is unique for this application. Ensuring simple connectivity to the microfluidic systems is a main concern of our customers, and the EISP provides a standard solution for that", commented Francois Leblanc, CEO of Fluigent. The company has been expanding its range of microfluidic flow-control devices and is introducing a number of new products at uTAS 2013. "Electrical impedance spectroscopy is a growing research field an

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